Airsoft pro CNC M249 Hop-Up chamber, Gen.2 M249 chamber

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Airsoft pro CNC M249 Hop-Up chamber, Gen.2 M249 chamber.

The second generation of AirsoftPro Hop-Up chamber for M249 machine guns. It's made entirely from one piece of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy with a red anodised finish. This material excels in high strength, yet it's lightweight. The weight of the whole chamber is only 29 g. It's not a re-branded product of another manufacturer. The chamber was manufactured on top quality CNC machines. A quality chamber is an important prerequisite for stable and high performance of the weapon. Only the metal chambers provide the highest production accuracy without inaccuracies and burrs.

The advantage of this chamber is the hop-up adjusting ring with numbers. These show the level of hop-up adjustment - from 1 = minimal to 10 = maximal. The selected level is indicated at the top of the chamber next to the inscription M249 HOP-UP. The levels are secured in their position by a flexible ball, which provides each turn with a click. If you don't like to be limited with only ten positions, you can replace the spring ball with a rubber ring from the package. This causes the adjusting ring become more rigid and prevents it from unwanted turning.
A significant improvement since the previous generation is the use of a U-shaped adaptor. Now it's possible to use a conventional or shaped hop-up nub. The adaptor push the Hop-Up nub horizontally, not with a perpendicular roller as in the original chamber, or in competing products.
Precise manufacturing on CNC machines (chamber, adjusting ring and centering ring).
Durable one-piece body with high-quality anodised surface.
Metal adjusting ring with stops in limit positions.
Shaped adapter for conventional Hop-Up nub.
Laser-marked numbers for a quick overview of the hop-up adjustment.
Safe packaging in EVA foam.
The chamber is compatible with M249 machine guns of the following manufacturers A&K, PJ, Classic Army, Echo1, Matrix (tested on original nozzles).
Chamber with adjusting ring
Brass barrel centering ring
U-shaped Hop-Up nub adaptor
Spring and ball (for locking the ring in individual positions)
Rubber ring
The performance of the weapon is fundamentally affected by the sealing of the nozzle on the Hop-Up bucking. For the best results it's good to try different kinds of HopUp buckings and nozzles.
For smoothly fit the bucking in the chamber, spray the silicone oil onto the Hop-Up bucking or in the chamber.
If silicone oil gets into the barrel, wipe it off. Otherwise Hop-up will not work.
Allen key 1.5mm for securing the barrel in the chamber isn't included.
Apply silicone oil or grease on the surfaces between the chamber and the ring before attaching the black adjusting ring. Hop-up regulation will be smoother.
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