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THIS PAGE IS for UK Customers - Please ensure you have read

WE Accept various defences for being able to buy a replica gun,
UKARA, BASC, Sportsman Association, Justcos, SWAT PASS,
MVT, AFRA, Shooters Rights Association
and being a member of other reenactment societies.

We will also directly contact sites where necessary to get confirmation from them that you are a valid player.

For Netherlands we require a photo of your NABV card.

For NON UK deliveries there are no restrictions on purchases just your local laws .

" The VCR Bill and Us" before placing your order.

Not a registered Airsofter or Re-enactor and st-ill want to buy a gun?
If you are purchasing a Replica Imitation Firearm (RIF), we can convert this to an Imitation Firearm (IF) - you must still be over 18 years of age to do this.
This is achieved by "Two Toning" 51% of the gun in a bright colour and incurs an additional charge of up to £15.00 depending which type of gun is ordered. If you wish to take advantage of this, please order the most suitable option from the upgrade section of this web site. 
Please click HERE to be taken to the upgrade section.

Please note that the VCR Bill restrictions ONLY apply to UK Sales. Sales to all other countries are not affected by VCR Bill restrictions.

If you have bought a Gun, RIF or IF and fps is important (high or low) please add a comment to your order during the checkout process.

You cannot buy a gun using someone else details, the order name, order billing post code and name from the player number lookup on ukara must match, we will ship to any delivery address. 


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